Ideas: Open your Research — One Link at a Time

Dor Garbash used to be a professional photographer who discovered he had a soft spot for science. Dor is currently a PhD fellow at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity at Paris Descartes University where he develops Knownodes, a direct approach to open knowledge. Dor is keen to hack Knownodes further during the NightScience hackathon. Would you be keen to join?

On the 13th and 14th of July, me and other students and researchers will participate in the NightScience hackathon to share our research by using Knownodes, an open source platform we created to annotate connections between knowledge and ideas.

Sharing research ought be an inspiring and collaborative experience, sharing a space and doing it together would be a great way to achieve that.

The hackathon has a simple goal: Each participant will create an open network of his/her PhD research. To do so, each participant will alternate between creating his own network to giving feedback to someone else. If all goes well, we will have time to create connections between the different networks and give our interdisciplinary muscles a nice stretch!

We believe the best approach to improve knowledge sharing (and Knownodes) is by doing hands-on knowledge sharing, learning how to improve the experience, and then iterating again and again. The week following the hackathon, a bunch of us (currently about nine people) are going to the Perfoming Arts Forum, a former monastery in the countryside, for four days to apply what we have learned in code and design.

How about joining us? No need to know how to code or know graphic design. Only the motivation to share.PS The Knownodes project is now devlopped under the name of Rhizi.

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